Coping with Mismatched Sex Drives

You and your partner probably have a lot in common. Or if you’re not partnered, you likely seek common traits in a prospective mate. Whether it’s a love of baseball, camping, or rock concerts, these commonalities help keep you close as a couple. So, what happens if your sex drives don’t sync? Having mismatched sex…


Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: Can Laser Therapy Help?

When a woman’s estrogen levels fall at menopause, her body goes through numerous changes. Her ovaries stop releasing eggs, she gradually stops menstruating, and she can no longer become pregnant. She also might have hot flashes, insomnia, and moodiness. And she might develop genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). GSM is a collection of symptoms involving the…


Is oral sex related to certain types of cancers?

Yes, some oral cancers, which affect areas in and around the mouth, are linked to oral sex – stimulating a partner’s genitals with the mouth or tongue. Sometimes, the anus is stimulated this way. Oral cancer can develop in several areas, including the throat, pharynx, soft palate, tonsils, and tongue. Not all cases of oral cancer come…


Study: Antidepressant Lurasidone Has Fewer Sexual Side Effects

People with a certain form of depression might benefit from a drug called lurasidone, which has fewer sexual side effects than other depression medications, according to a recent clinical trial. Depression is linked several sexual difficulties, including low desire, poor arousal, and trouble reaching orgasm. Experts estimate that up to 85% of people with untreated…


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