Counseling Recommended for Men with Small Penis Syndrome

It’s not unusual for men to feel a bit anxious about their penis size. They might silently compare their length and girth with their peers’ measurements in a communal locker room, or wonder why their own penis doesn’t look like the ones they see in pornographic photos or videos.

For some men, this preoccupation can conflict with daily life. Men with small penis syndrome (sometimes called penile dysmorphic disorder) perceive their penis to be inadequate. Their doctor might say it’s a typical size, and their partner might reassure them about sexual satisfaction. But the man will not believe it.

Often, men with small penis syndrome avoid any situation that might involve revealing their penis size, from using a public restroom to swimming to sexual activity. They may feel ashamed and withdraw from their friends and family.

Some men turn to penis-lengthening products sold online or to clinics offering penile enhancement surgery. However, these approaches don’t always work, and they might have poor results. For example, some men have a shorter penis, changed sensation, or erectile dysfunction after surgery.

If you’re concerned about the size of your penis or considering a penis enhancement procedure, talk to a counselor first. (Your doctor can make a referral.) Your therapist can help you put penis size into perspective and guide you through any self-esteem and body image issues. Therapy can also address any depression or anxiety you feel.

It’s important to address these issues first, before undergoing a procedure you might regret later.


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