How Sex Therapy Can Benefit Your Relationship

Sex is a natural human function. But it’s also a complex combination of physical, physiological, and emotional factors. With all these factors at work, it’s not uncommon to face problems in the bedroom from time to time.

It’s normal to want a fulfilling sex life, and if you’re struggling with low sex drive, physical problems, or other issues affecting your sex life and your relationship with your partner, you’re not alone — and sex therapy could help.

Sex therapy is a specialized type of talk therapy designed to help you find ways to enjoy sex again. Your therapy sessions don’t involve sexual intercourse or tutorials about how to have sex, but they do create a safe space for you to explore your concerns with a trained mental health professional.

At the Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine, Stuart Shoengold, MD, and our team of certified therapists offer sex therapy for couples and individuals alike who struggle with unsatisfactory sex lives. Participating in sex therapy can help you in a number of ways, which are outlined below.

Understand sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a medical condition that impacts your ability to have or enjoy sexual intercourse. It’s a common problem, and experts estimate that it affects around 43% of women and 31% of men.

Despite the fact that many people deal with sexual dysfunction, it can be embarrassing to discuss and complicated to diagnose. Dr. Shoengold and our team are familiar with all the common causes of sexual dysfunction, and we can help you find a treatment plan to improve your sex life with sex therapy.

We regularly diagnose and treat health issues linked to sexual dysfunction, including:

Participating in sex therapy helps you navigate the physical and mental barriers that come along with sexual dysfunction.

Improve communication with your partner

Sex is a important part of any long-term relationship, but talking about sex is awkward for many couples. Difficulty communicating in your relationship can manifest in sexual problems, and lack of communication in the bedroom can impact your relationship in everyday life.

Sex therapy guides you and your partner in constructive conversations about your wants and needs. It can help you uncover differences in sexual styles, learn to manage physical or emotional challenges, and teach you how you can work together to improve your sex life.

Sex therapy can also be helpful for couples who are dealing with infidelity, trust issues, or even sexual addiction. Your therapy appointments are confidential, and your therapist is dedicated to helping both of you in a fair and impartial way.

Navigate differences in sexual compatibility

Your sexuality is unique — and so is your partner’s. Many couples find that they have different sexual styles, and that can create strain in even the best relationships. Sex therapy can help you understand each other’s sexual needs and find ways to make each other happy.

Maybe your sex drive is higher than your partner’s, or maybe they’re interested in exploring role play, and you’re not. Whatever the differences are, your therapist works with both of you to navigate those differences in healthy ways.

Sex therapy can be very beneficial for couples facing problems in the bedroom, but it’s not just for people in relationships. Dr. Shoengold and our team regularly see people of all genders and all sexual orientations, whether they’re in a relationship or they’re single.

Get the expert guidance you need to feel comfortable and enjoy a satisfying sex life with your partner. Call our office in Millburn, New Jersey, at 973-218-9400 or book a confidential appointment online today.

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