Women and Anal Intercourse

Over a third of women in the United States have had heterosexual anal intercourse, experts say. But what do they really think of it?

Researchers asked 20 women between the ages of 18 and 50 to tell them more about their experiences, which were reported in a Sexual Medicine study.  All of the women had had anal sex with a man during the previous three months.

Many participants acknowledged a stigma associated with anal sex, but the taboo nature didn’t stop them from exploring it. Many did so to please their partner; others said they enjoyed it themselves. Curiosity was another common motivation.

Some women said they had negative experiences, especially early on. Often, anal sex was painful and at times, the women did not consent to the activity.

Feeling in control of a sexual situation and trusting their partner were important for the women. “Regardless of duration or status of relationship, a feeling of trust and comfort with a particular partner generally facilitated a higher degree of control,” wrote the authors.

If you and your partner engage in anal sex, make sure you stay safe:


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