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Low Sexual Desire And Arousal Disorders



Low Desire

Lack of Lubrication

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder


Changes in sexual desire are a normal, healthy part of many women’s lives. For example, women are likely to experience libido fluctuation following pregnancy, menopause, illness, and more. However, low sexual desire can sometimes be troubling for women and can even develop into sexual disorders. If you are experiencing distress resulting from low sexual desire or arousal, call 973-218-9400 to learn about the low libido treatment options available at the Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine.

Types of Low Sexual Desire and Arousal Disorders

Women can experience many types of libido issues that affect their sex drive in different ways. These include, but are not limited to:

When these issues occur, many women feel stress, frustration, and worry. Over time, arousal disorders can cause problems with relationships, diminish self-esteem, and contribute to difficulty with emotional well-being if left untreated.

What Causes Low Libido?

Although low libido is relatively common in women, targeting its causes can be difficult. Many different factors can affect a woman’s sex drive, including physical, hormonal, and psychological factors.

Physical Causes

Certain illnesses, bodily changes, medications, and more can affect women’s sex drives. For example, diseases like cancer, arthritis, and diabetes can negatively impact libido. Plus, taking medications like antidepressants can lower a woman’s libido.

Hormonal Causes

When bodily hormone levels shift, women often experience changes in their sex drives. Such changes can include the drop in estrogen that is associated with menopause or the hormonal flux associated with pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Psychological Causes

Your state of mind can affect many elements in your life, including your sexual desire. Mental health problems, like anxiety and depression, can lower women’s libidos. Issues such as stress, low self-esteem, past physical or sexual abuse, and more may have a similar effect.

Low Libido Treatment

Due to the complex nature of women’s sexual health, we offer a variety of low libido treatments that can help you start enjoying a fulfilling sex life, including:

If you experience sexual health complications, Dr. Shoengold can help. Thanks to special training in women’s sexual health, Dr. Shoengold offers the experience, insight, and compassion required to help you enjoy intercourse again and experience a more satisfying level of desire.

Get Help Today

It can be difficult to seek help when experiencing low sexual desire or arousal. Not only may it feel embarrassing to talk about, but many women might also think that their low libido cannot or should not be treated. Contrary to these beliefs, the team of sexual health experts at the Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine are equipped to provide you with the compassionate care you need to start having a satisfying, enriching sex life. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation to help you along the road to better sexual health.


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